Here is the text of the petition to recall Don Otto, as submitted to the Washoe County Registrar of Voters:

Palomino Valley GID’s (PVGID’s) five-member board approves projects. The board makes decisions. The board approves expenditures. Trustee Donald Otto has continuously attempted to circumvent the board’s authority and has sought to take absolute control over the District’s operations. Examples abound.

For example, Mr. Otto, without board approval, and with no public input, violated policy by removing material from an emergency stockpile, and had it placed on his road. Other material was processed from a PVGID pit, trucked to, and placed on his road. Mr. Otto’s self-serving agenda has created a hostile and toxic work environment for the employees.

In addition to constant threats of termination, he went so far as to have a surveillance camera (with audio) installed and aimed directly at the employees’ desks. This was unprecedented and outrageous! The PVGID’s attorney, the contracted bookkeeper, and the replacement bookkeeper resigned in frustration due to the turmoil created by Trustees Baker and Otto.

Also, the assistant to the board was abruptly terminated, with no provision for replacement. As of this writing, the PVGID has NO ONE to handle the financial and administrative demands of this government entity. For the betterment of our community, Donald Otto must be recalled!

Minimum number of signatures necessary: 198




Here is the text of the petition to recall Tom Baker, as submitted to the Washoe County Registrar of Voters:

Thomas Baker, as a newly-elected trustee of the Palomino Valley GID, accepted the nomination and subsequent election to president of the board, when he was totally unqualified and inexperienced.

As president, and against the advice of legal counsel, he blatantly violated the open meeting law. The attorney subsequently resigned. Mr. Baker, as president, stated there was a new “regime” and “get used to” it. “Regime” implies a dictatorship. The voters of this Valley do not elect dictators or kings.

Mr. Baker spearheaded the termination of the contract with the long-time, highly knowledgeable Assistant to the Board, without any regard to the detrimental consequences that action would have on the PVGID.

The contracted bookkeeper had already quit due to the ongoing turmoil created by the new “regime,” and the replacement bookkeeper resigned because there was no one left to train her.

Mr. Baker’s lack of knowledge and unwillingness to ask questions or seek training on the fundamentals of serving on a government-regulated board is inexcusable. His reckless actions resulted in the loss of the contract workers who handled all the financial and administrative work for the PVGID. It is imperative that the head of the new “regime,” Thomas Baker, be recalled.

Minimum number of signatures necessary: 183


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